Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle All the Wayyy! Yes! Christmas is just hours away, and almost everyone is pretty much excited for it. Obvious reasons- No schools/colleges/offices on Monday, cakes, cookies, presents. Well, Christmas is for having fun together, be it with family or friends. Are you staying home this Christmas? Maybe you can have a Christmas movie marathon! So, come on! Binge the list, then the movies! 😎

A Christmas Carol:

Who doesn’t know Uncle Ebenezer Scrooge! And, who doesn’t know this famous story by Charles Dickens! The movie, like the novella, tells the story of the wealthy, but a downright stingy businessman, Ebenezer Scrooge, who lives in London. He neither pays out money in charity nor treats anyone well. He has sheer hatred for Christmas and doesn’t even accept his nephew, Fred’s, invitation to the Christmas dinner. On Christmas Eve, he is visited by the ghost of Jacob Marley, his old business partner, who was equally as miserly as Scrooge. The ghost informs Scrooge that he will be visited by three spirits, to whom he must listen, else roam the earth in shackles after death. The movie then shows Scrooge and the different spirits going around different parts of London, where Scrooge sees the events of past, present, and future. Eventually, Scrooge’s heart changes and he becomes a better person.

This movie is one of my forever favorites. But watching it on Christmas makes it more special.

Watch A Christmas Carol here.


Tokyo Godfathers:

Animation >>> Normal movies. Any time.
Tokyo Godfathers is a 2003 animated movie about a particular Christmas in Tokyo. The story revolves around three friends- a young girl, a transvestite and a middle-aged alcoholic. While the three of them were rummaging the garbage for food, they found an abandoned new-born girl, with a note that has hints about the baby’s parents. Sympathizing, they decided to take care of the baby, and find her parents. Since they found the baby on Christmas Eve, they named her “Kiyoko,” which means “Pure child.” The movie then shows the trials, the tribulations and the events the three friends go through to find the baby’s parents and their eventual success.
I have lost count of the number of times I have seen this movie.

You can watch Tokyo Godfathers here.

The Nightmare Before Christmas:

You know it’s going to be a one of a kind movie when it’s by Tim Burton. Another fantastic animated movie, The Night Before Christmas is the story of Jack Skellington, the “pumpkin king” of Halloween Town, a place filled with ghosts, ghouls, monsters, vampires, etc. Though every year Jack helps the citizens in the annual Halloween celebrations, secretly, he has grown pretty weary of following the same routine every year since ages. When he stumbles upon Christmas Town, he is surprised by this beautiful festival and plans to make Halloween Town “Christmassy” for a change. So he asks his residents to help him get Christmas to Halloween Town and also manages to get Santa abducted and brought to Halloween Town instead of Christmas Town. But the residents of Halloween Town can’t pretty much get the concept of Christmas, and what follows is a series of mismanaged events.

Find The Nightmare Before Christmas here.


It’s A Wonderful Life:

Phoebe Buffay may not have loved this movie, but this one is a classic Christmas movie. This 1946 movie shows the story of George Bailey, a New York banker, who is suicidal on Christmas Eve. An angel named Clarence is given the mission to save George, and for that, he is shown George’s life’s flashback. Once done, he jumps into the same river where George is waiting to jump, to distract him, and George ends up helping him. But when Clarence says that he’s George’s guardian angel, he doesn’t believe him and instead wishes that he wasn’t born. Clarence shows him an alternate timeline, where George doesn’t exist. This timeline shows everything that would have happened if George wasn’t born, and eventually, George realizes the value of his life and returns home.
This movie is considered as one of the most beloved movies of all times.

Head over here to watch It’s A Wonderful Life.



Christmas is all about happiness and good spirit, right? But what if your Christmas Eve turns into a dreadful night? Krampus is a horror-comedy that is based on the folklore character Krampus, who is a half-ram, half-demon companion of St. Nicholas and punishes people who don’t have the Christmas spirit. The movie is about a dysfunctional family, who despite being together, has no Christmas feeling amongst themselves. This unleashes Krampus and his elves, and what belongs is a hide and seek between Krampus and the family member.
Although not a much-acclaimed movie, you can still give it a try.

Here’s Krampus.

A Christmas Story:

We all await our Christmas gifts, don’t we? We have a long list of what we want and hope that Santa, or as a less delusional kid old say, our parents, would get the gifts that we want. A Christmas Story is more like a miniseries, and it tells the story of 9-year-old Ralphie Parker, as told by the grown-up Parker as he reminisces his childhood days. Parker, for a particular Christmas, wanted just one thing- Red Ryder Range 200 Shot BB gun but was denied because everyone thought he might hurt himself. Nevertheless, his father, “The Old Man” gifts it to him, and the grown-up Ralphie says that it was the best gift that he could ever have gotten or will ever get. Other parts of the movie are comic events involving the Parker family, and their neighbors, the Bumpuses.
You’ll definitely have a fun time watching this.

This is A Christmas Story for you.

Holiday Inn:

Do you love musicals? I don’t. But this one is a big, fat exception. There’s nothing to not love about Holiday Inn! Singer Jim Hardy is heartbroken when his fiancé, Lila Dixon, leaves him to be with her dance partner Ted Hanover. He moves away to a farm but returns to New York a year later because farm life is tough. So he plans to turn his farm into an entertainment hub that’s open only on public holidays. A talent agent, Linda Mason, helps Jim make his venue a big success, but in the process, they both fall in love with each other. But just before their final performance, Jim finds out that Lila has left Ted, so Ted is on the lookout to make his moves on Linda.
With full of beautiful dance and song sequence, this movie is a treat!

Watch Holiday Inn here!

Home Alone:

You think I’ll miss out on this one? Na-ah. That ain’t happening. Home Alone is basically every 90’s kid’s favorite and is my life story (minus the burglars). Do I really need to explain the plot of this epic movie? Because honestly, I don’t think there’s a person who hasn’t seen this movie.

But if you still haven’t, then you can watch it here.

Have more suggestions? Post them in the comments section below. Meanwhile, let me go watch A Christmas Carol.