Zindagi ne zindagi bhar gham diye, jitney bhi mausam diye sab nam diye…

Life as the second born kid, or, the younger kid, has never been easy. I can say this on behalf of all the younger kids, and undoubtedly, my fellow teammates will surely agree with me. Yeh bhi koi jeena hai? 😐 Life is worse than “Dhobi ka Kutta”. Before I start writing about the ordeals we, the second-born kids face in our daily lives, let me just get a pack of tissue papers to stop the flood that my eyes are going to give away.



Never a Favourite:

Apart from the few years of fame, which most kids get as such, this entire thing is a myth. Contrary to popular belief, second-born kids are hardly ever a favourite among the parents. In my entire 23 years of life, I’ve had many people who literally argue with me that the younger kid is more loved by the parents. Bhai, humein toh aisa pyaar kabhi nah mila. If you happen to find any such place where the younger kid is favoured more, just let me know and I’ll pack my bags faster than Flash runs. 😐



Often Tricked:

Has it ever happened to you that your elder sibling did something, but when your parents entered the crime scene, your sibling started behaving like the most innocent person ever, with you eventually being punished for something you didn’t do? Familiar, eh? How hard is it to recognize the real culprit? 🙄 Gharwaalon ne toh khud ko Mughal-e-Azam aura humko Anarkali samajh baitha hai.😒



Never Taken Seriously:

This is a constant scenario- when we’re goofing around, we are scolded, and, when we decided to be serious and act responsible, we’re not just not taken seriously, we are also the subject of all possible sorts of laughter. What does a person need to do to for not being serious. What does a person need to do to be taken seriously? 😐



The Blame-game Victim:

I remember when Osama Bin Laden died, we all were sitting in our living room and having a discussion, and out of nowhere, the blame was suddenly on me for being a troublesome person. What even?! How did I come into the picture? 🐷 To top it off, there are Facebook posts which say, “The younger child is the most troublesome” I bet whoever is behind the post is an elder child of his/her parents. 😑 And it’s not just me, I’ve often seen many other second-born kids go through the same blames of being mischievous and notorious, for just no apparent reason.



We Are Not Criminals:

Again, there’s this famous Facebook post that says second-borns are most likely to be criminals. Problem kya hai, Bhai? Why this sudden urge to declare us criminals? Like we don’t get enough from parents already. We are humans too! 😭



We Get Hand-down Stuff:

This is one of the most common things that happens in every home with a second kid. Dresses, jeans, t-shirts, shoes, books, bones, soul- possibly everything that can be handed down to the younger kid is handed down. It doesn’t matter if you like them or not, but as long as you’re second, you’ll be getting your elder sibling’s stuff.



We Find it Hard to Trust:

We let our sibling in on just a tiny secret, and the next thing you know, unknown, unheard relatives from Trinidad and Tobago are calling us! Yes, our secret makes rounds that fast! And it’s not just secrets. Anytime we want anyone from our family to cover us up for something, that’s the probably the most wrong thing we could ever do in our life. Not only are we left vulnerable, we also receive the sermon of the century.😒



The Never-ending Comparisons:

“Look at your sister! She’s so well-behaved!” “Your brother aces in studies. What do you do?” Well, we just try not to tear of our heads while you are busy comparing us with our siblings. 😶 Parents, don’t you know comparing kids affects their mind negatively? (Sic). No two people are alike. It’s not difficult to realize it, is it?



Bossed Around:

It doesn’t matter if we, as second-born kids, are 5 or 55. Everyone else elder than us simply bosses us around. Does someone need a glass of water? We are summoned. The door needs to be closed? We are summoned. Need to hide a dead body? Take help from us and then blame us later. Yeh duniya, yeh mehfill, mere kaam ki nahi.


My mom and my dad are both the younger kids of their respective parents, and I’m pretty sure they must have gone through these situations too. But, I guess parenthood took away their empathy. 🙄

Are you a second-born kid too? Leave your woes in the comments section below. Maybe we can get a petition signed in favour of all of us younger children. 🤷