Home and college are inter-related words. We get our first steps to knowledge and wisdom at Home Sweet Home, and years later, we move out of our cocoon and go to college. College, the home away from home. Well of course, if you’re staying miles away from home in a hostel, with strangers, who eventually become your new family. But then, there are some people, who still live in their home in college years. Why? Well, because parents don’t trust their child’s ability to survive college. Either that or their college is too close to their home. Period.

I was a day scholar for 6 years- 2 years of junior college and 4 years of graduation. There will be so many many memories during your college years. And then come those moments, when you really regret being a day scholar. If you were a day scholar too, you’ll totally relate to this.



  • You Always Miss Out on the Hostel Fun

If you’re a day scholar, but the majority of your classmates are hostelers, you’ll always get to hear these words, “Arey yaar! Hostel mein kal kya dhamaka hua!” The way your hostel friends come back and describe their life in the hostel, you wonder if it’s a permanent rave party.

So, while people in hostels are having fun, you’re the audience to regular basis lectures from parents at home.




  • You are Always the Last One to Get Any Information

I cannot stress enough about the number of times this has happened to me, and my fellow day scholars. When you’ve left for college, a mass bunk is declared. When you’re lazing around at home, there’s a sudden class. And at times, when there’s a sudden piece of interesting or urgent news, but you get to know it after a year probably. Why? Because day scholars are like exam syllabus- Out of Sight, Out of Mind.😑




  • You Run Frequent Errands for Your Hostel Friends

“Arey, zara woh le aana na, mujhe nahi pata kahaan milta hai.”

*Every single time*

It’s not that we don’t like to help, but we do end up being taken for granted.




  • Your Tiffin Box Gets Attacked. A Lottt.

You can eat from the classiest of restaurants, serving the best cuisines of the world. But nothing matches the food that Mom makes. If you’re a day scholar, your mom will undoubtedly pack tiffin for you like you’re going on a mission for 50 days. So when it’s lunchtime and you open your tiffin box, and that aroma of various spices fills the air, your hostel friends finish your food even before you know it. Because, they miss Maa ke haath se bana ghar ka khaana… :‘)



  • You Own the Transport Department

“Bhai, zara gaadi dena na, thoda girlfriend ko ghumaane le jaana hai. Tu petrol ka tension matt le, main bharwa dunga.”

*And tanki khaali lautti hai*

Probably 80% of day scholars get their vehicles to college. And once your friends discover the fact that you’ve your bike/scooty in the parking lot, your vehicle is as good as gone. All of a sudden, people recognize you, because one day or another, they’re gonna need to borrow your vehicle.

Thankfully, I always used public transport system.🙈



  • You Also Become the ATM

“Arey, mere saara paisa khatam hogaya hai, aur ghar se itni jaldi maangne mein darr lag raha. Tu thoda paisa de na, pakka 5-10 dino k bad tujhe waapas mil jaaega.”

*And you know that you bid your money goodbye forever*

There will come a time when your friend(s) need(s) money for whatever reason it might be. And being the good friend that you are, you lend them money. But that’s where the story ends. You hardly get your money back, and you’re too polite to ask for it. 🤷



  • They’ve Been to More Places in Your City/State than You Have

This has personally happened to me a billion times. Well, you’ve lived all your life in that place, but they still know more places than you, because, your parents and friends are ever so busy for an outing.

And the worst part is, when your hostel friends do go, they forget your existence. 🙃



  • People Only Think of You When They Need Help

Of all the times that people talk to us day scholars, a major chunk of it is because they need some kind of help, and we’re the only key to the lock. Be it getting information on someone/something, or buying something, or killing and hiding a body, it’s as if we become visible and vibrant only when help is needed.  Rest of the time, it’s as if we’re hiding in Harry’s invisibility cloak.




  • You’re Unknown to Most People

Why? Because you live in your home. Because you’re not in the hostel. That’s why!

Well, of course, you can go ahead and participate in stuff and be famous.  But then, who’ll listen to the “Abhi padhaai karo, baad mein woh sab”? 🙄

The best part of this is, you can get away with anything you do, because no one really knows you. 😎(Trying real hard to sound like a Mafia member 🙈)



  • There’s Nothing New in Your Life

You basically have the same routine every day. It’s like life’s stuck on a treadmill, and there’s no excitement.😭




  • Your Parents Often Tell You that You’re Too Irresponsible  to Stay Away from Home

“You wake up late, you don’t do household chores, you don’t listen to us. You’re so irresponsible! God knows what would have happened if you were in a hostel! You’d have gone haywire crazy, I bet!”

“But Dad, you never sent me anywhere far. How do you expect me to learn?”



  • And Then, You See People Packing to Go Home for Holidays and Special Occasions

After end-semester exams, for Christmas and Durga Puja holidays, for any type of apocalypse, you find your hostel friends packing their bags, with a big smile on their faces, counting hours and minutes after which they’ll be reaching home, finally be able to meet their family, and of course, receive royal treatment.

God forbid if anyone asks when you’re leaving…

Friend: “When are you going home?”



Zindagi ne zindagi bhar gham diye. 😐😒

Have more incidents? Let me know.🤓


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