I’m gonna drive the point straight to home- I absolutely love November. Not just because it’s my birthday month (no, I’m not a crazy birthday freak), but rather because it’s the beginning of winters and also because that means that I can sleep more during the mornings under my big, cozy blanket. Okay, these are lame reasons. Anyway, November is one of the most popular birth months and contrary to what those Facebook posts say, no, most serial killers aren’t born on November! But now that we are talking about November let me tell you some unknown facts about this awesome month! Get, set, start reading!



Many people might be knowing this, but I’mma gonna tell you again. Even though November is the eleventh month in the Gregorian calendar, it was originally the ninth month of the Roman calendar. So based on that, the word “November” is derived from the Latin word ‘novem’ which means nine. Basic, eh?





November was widely referred to as ‘The Blood Month’ by the Anglo-Saxons. The reason behind this is quite interesting. Blotmonath or The Month of Blood was the month when the Saxons slaughtered cattle to honour and pay homage to the ancient pagan gods, like Woden, Tiw and Thunor. The other reason for this quirky name is, November was the beginning of winter, and as November began, it brought with it cold, drab winds. So to protect themselves from the cold, the Saxons sacrificed cattle to use their blood to keep themselves warm throughout the season.



Funky Festival:

As funny as it might sound, the second week in November is known for celebrating National Split Pea Soup Week in the US. It roots back to 1969, and this festival celebrates the season’s first and freshest split peas. Of course, with the cool winter breeze, you can always use a split pea soup, because not only it tastes good, but it’s also healthy. In case you’re wondering, the National Split Pea Soup Week starts on 12th November this year.

Damn, I’m drooling (CNN iReport)



Shakespeare Didn’t Have a Calendar:

For whatever weird reason it was, William Shakespeare never mentioned the month November in any of his works m be it his plays or his sonnets. And he still had the energy to write all those long dialogues?

Damn, William! (The Chive)



The Month of Literature:

Behold fellow literati, November is our month! November is the National Novel Writing Month and the National Blog Posting Month. The National Novel Writing Month is an NPO that encourages people on the internet to write stories to make them feel that every story matters and is important. The National Blog Posting Month is celebrated to boost people to write a blog post for each day of November. Isn’t it cool? ❤



Technology in the Air:

Push buttons are a real saviour, right? Well, the first push button for phones was assigned on 18th November back in 1863. It was made commercially available by the Bell Telephone Company in Carnegie and Greensburg. I never had a manual dial phone, but push buttons are a lot more fun.



See? November has got some cool things to share with us. Know more facts and want to share? Comment below. ☺

Meanwhile, let me just bask in the happiness of being a November baby.😎