So imagine this: You wake up with a positive feeling that you want to write something, anything- a poem, a story, a journal- but then you realize that your mind, like the amazingly deceitful friend it is, stops working. You have absolutely no clue about what to write and where to start from. That, friends, is called “Writer’s Block”. And trust me, that’s not a good place to be in. Even my fellow writers can swear upon it. Because your mind SIMPLY DOESN’T WORK. Buttttt, I’m here, as usual, offering you help on a platinum plate. So, check out how you can cope up with Writer’s Block.

Don’t Panic:

As irritating and annoying as it is, writer’s block is temporary. It happens because your mind is occupied or jammed with other thoughts. Don’t panic, because that hardly helps. It just worsens the entire thing. Give it some time, because it sure does fade away.

Don’t Shy Away from Asking for Help:

So the other day, I wanted to write something for my blog because I hadn’t posted in a while. And what was I welcomed with? A glorious blockage of mind. *not so slow claps* While I spent a considerable amount of time (6 minutes) thinking about what I could probably write, I decided to ask my friends on Instagram to help me out with suggestions. And I’m pretty happy that I decided to do it, because I got some really good suggestions, one of which is this post. If you think there’s someone who can help you out, never ever shy away from asking them.



Take a Walk:

No, I’m not going all physical fitness over here. But taking a short walk just loosens you up. It clears your mind. Feel the breeze and admire the nature around you. You don’t have to think about anything, just free your mind for a while. Trust me, it’s peaceful and it’s healing. You may or may not get any ideas, but you’ll certainly get a fresh start.



Don’t Be Distracted:

Keep everything aside and just close your eyes for some time. Focus on yourself and stay there. Think about what motivates you or attracts you. Stay away from the Internet if you want to, because that always helps.



Do Something Fun:

Pouring over our notebooks and staring at our laptops and cell phones have pretty much killed our lives outside the office or the home. Go out. Play. No, it doesn’t matter if you are not a kid or a teenager anymore. Play. Get that adrenaline rushing through your body. Or even try dancing. Just do anything that helps you feel alive and active.




No, don’t shift your home. Just shift your place. Like, move over somewhere with a better view. Or just take a quick trip to the balcony or the kitchen (Kitchen is heaven). It often happens that writer’s block happens after sitting in the same place for an elongated period of time. So the best thing is to change to a new environment.



Avoid Trending Topics:

If something is trending, then it’s obvious that majority of the people already know about it. Avoid writing about the same things that everyone else writes. Instead, go for lesser known, or fresher topics. True, you might need to research a bit more about such topics, but nevertheless, new topics are a great way to freshen up the air.




Read something. Anything. Your favourite novel, which you have already read 2311 times. A magazine. Newspapers. A book that your friend recommended. A blog. Reading increases our imagination power. That is a good thing because it helps you get rid of your block.



Music Never Disappoints:

Plug in your earphones and get mesmerized and lost in the magical world of music. Music can never disappoint anyone unless of course, you are listening to Dhinchak Pooja or Sot King. Listen to your favourite artist or band. Or discover new music. Music can always be inspirational. Who knows, you can even write about music!




What’s the best thing on the planet? Sleeeeeeping! At least, that’s what it is for me. Take a nap. Even better, take a “power nap” like me for 14 hours. You’ll wake up feeling a lot better and with a fresher mind.




Make a list of all the ideas you collect. Write into journals. Scribble something. You can even doodle. Get as much junk out of your head as possible on the paper. That helps in lightening the load from your mind.


Writer’s block can be extremely annoying, and it gets worse if you ponder over it for long. The best way to overcome the situation is to just stay calm and relaxed. You’ll find your inspiration when the time is right.
Meanwhile, check out this awesome video that tells you how to escape from writer’s block.