If I say the word ‘Documentary’, you’d probably go scurrying away, because, like most people, you might consider that documentaries are boring. For starters, let’s just say that documentaries are just immensely informative, which people dub as “boring”. But trust me, there are some really beautiful representations out there that you seriously need to check out. Go ahead and read about them!

Welcome to Leith:

Genre: Horror

Released: 2015

Welcome to Leith is a documentary about a town named Leith in North Dakota, USA. In 2010, the town had a population of 16. Yes, you read that right, just 16! The story weaves around Craig Cobb, American Supremacist, who moved to Leith in 2012 to start building a community of people who more or less shared the same extremist ideologies like him. If you are wondering how’s it linked with horror, then let me clarify that the documentary has got nothing to do with ghosts, ghouls or monsters. The reason why it is considered as a horror documentary is that it shows the horrors of real life- how people can go to great lengths to impose and enforce their ideologies, which are not even the slightest bit helpful to the community.

Watch Welcome to Leith here.




Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father:


Genre: Drama

Released: 2008

Directed by Kurt Kuenne, Dear Zachary is a tribute by Kuenne to his murdered friend, Andrew Bagby, which he had intended to serve as a home movie for Andrew’s son, Zachary, in memory of Andrew. In 2001, after ending a relationship with girlfriend Shirley Turner, Andrew Bagby was murdered by Turner, but shortly after being arrested, she announced that she’s pregnant with Andrew’s son. Kurt Kuenne, in this tribute to his beloved friend Andrew, has interacted and interviewed Andrew’s parents, friends and all his near and dear ones and has thus created a collection of beautiful memories of the Andrew Bagby. Though Zachary Bagby was murdered by Shirley Turner in 2003 in a murder-suicide event, when he was just a year old, this documentary was and forever be heartbreakingly soulful.

Watch Dear Zachary here.



Racing Extinction:

Genre: Action

Released: 2015

Starring big shots like Elon Musk, Joel Sartore, Jane Goodall and many others, Racing Extinction is a beautiful, yet thought-provoking documentary about the greatest human-made mass extinction ever. The film talks about the various examples of extinctions that have occurred since the past 66 million years ago. It touches the different aspects of extinction such as poaching, illegal trading, climate change etc. The film aimed at and still encourages people to change their lifestyle and habits not just for the survival of various species in the biodiversity, but for themselves as well.

Watch Racing Extinction here.



Directed by John Ford:

Genre: Western

Released: 1971

Directed by Peter Bogdanovich, this documentary film walks you through the life and times of the great director, John Ford. Ford, who is famous for movies of the Western genre, had directed many great films, like Gun Law, Bare Fists, The Last Outlaw, Hangman’s House etc. and had also acted in some brilliant movies, was an immensely creative and talented person. The movie is a collection of interviews with many other renowned actors and directors who have either worked with or have known Ford. No wonder this makes you watch some of John Ford’s greatest movies.

Watch Directed by John Ford here.



Alien Planet:

Genre: Animation

Released: 2005

Taking place on the fictional planet of Darwin IV, Alien Planet is an intriguing docudrama that can pique every science enthusiast’s as well as layman’s interest. Darwin, with two suns, 60% of earth’s gravity and at a distance of 6.5 light years from Earth, is considered as a planet that could support life. So, sending a pilot mission to Darwin consisting of Mothership Von Braun and probes Balboa, Da Vinci and Newton, scientists on Earth try to connect with any possible life form on Darwin. While expecting to come across primitive microbial lifeforms probably, the pilot mission discovers a fully developed ecosystem with lifeforms of all sizes. The journey through the entire documentary will simply awe you.

Watch Alien Planet here.





Genre: Thriller

Released: 2013

This enthralling documentary tells the story of the killer orca whale, Tilikum, who was responsible for the death of three individuals, including expert whale trainer Dawn Brancheau. Tilikum, with his notoriety, also led to the capture of other orcas in SeaWorld. The documentary talks about how he was captured, his life, events that led him to become aggressive and interviews and testimonials from various whale trainers.

Watch Blackfish here.

            (Blackfish Movie)




Genre: Adventure

Released: 2011

Ikland tells the story of the journey to the mountains north of the Ugandan border, neighbouring Kenya. In the mid-1960s, anthropologist Colin Turnbull spent time observing the Ik people and concluded that the Iks had a prolonged hardship, which caused them to behave like barbarians, and that they would eventually face extinction. The film talks about the events and troubles that the region faced after Turnbull departed.




The Circle:

Genre: Romance

Released: 2014

In the 1940s and 50s, the gay community in Zürich, Switzerland centred around a publication called The Circle, which also hosted events for the gay. The documentary is about teacher Ernst Ostertag and drag entertainer Röbi Rapp, who after meeting via The Circle, fall in love and spend their lives together. With Zürich’s low tolerance for and no law favoring the gay community, The Circle tells the story of this couple, and the many others like them and the ordeals they had to go through.



Little Dieter Needs to Fly:

Genre: War

Released: 1994

This fantastic movie is about American-German fighter pilot, Dieter Dengler, who grew up in Germany at a time when the country was completely crippled by the aftermath of the World War II. The documentary, with Dengler in it, talks about his journey as a fighter pilot, the Vietnam War and the rough time he had during the war, including being imprisoned by the Pathet Lao.

Watch Little Dieter Needs to Fly here.






Genre: Cross-cultural

Released: 1992

Shot entirely with a 70mm lens, with time lapses, slow motions and other photography techniques, this awesome documentary is different from any other documentary you’ll ever see. The movie shows a variety of events spanning across 24 countries on six continents. The events include cultural, human-made, technological, and other phenomena that have existed and occurred over the time. This documentary is definitely every photographer and traveller’s food for the soul.

Watch Baraka here.


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