Dandiya, Garba, energetic music, and colors all around- well, these are just synonyms for one of the biggest and most celebrated festivals of India, Navratri. And behold! Navratri is just 2 days away! Apart from all the religious sentiments, Navratri also brings out the best of fashion among Indian women, irrespective of their ages. Attending a Navratri party? Check out these cool hairstyles to match your outfit and steal the show. 😉


  • The Classic Chignon:

    The chignon has always been a favorite among the ladies. It matches every attire. And to top it off, it adds an elegant appeal to your personality. Don a chignon for your Navratri Dandiya Night, and see how it works wonders.


Here is how you can easily learn to do a chignon, as being shown by Kasey Walker Hair and Makeup.



  • The Fishtail Braid:

    This is yet another classy hairdo that will definitely light up that gorgeous lehenga you’ve got ready for Navratri. Bonus- It’s easier than it looks! So be sure to try it out.

Check out how Luxy Hair does a fishtail braid here.



  • The Elegant Updo:

    This is more or less a chignon, except that it’s higher. You can accessorize it with flowers, and no wonder you’ll be the showstopper after that. This hairdo matches best with sarees, though you can also use it with other outfits.


This is how you can do an elegant updo, all thanks to itsjudytime.



  • The Half-up, Half-down:

    Doesn’t this look lovely?! With that elegant ghaghra-chholi and this lovely hairstyle, I bet no one will be able to take their eyes off of you! You can use this hairstyle on a regular day as well.

Here’s how womenbeauty1 effortlessly does a half-up, half-down hairdo.



  • The Braided Crown:

    Just one word-Neat! The braided crown hairdo is everything you need for a fun-filled night of dancing and singing. It’s easy, elegant, and hassle-free and keeps the hair away from your face. Get this hairstyle, and you’ll look no less than a princess!

Want to get one of your own? Have a look at Abby Smith’s technique.



  • Messy Hair with Waves:

    If you’re attending a Navratri party, but are not much into dancing, then this is the perfect hairdo for you. No matter what you wear, this will suit you best. If you have wavy hair, that’s a bonus. If not, then you can always curl up your hair.

Here is how MeganBatoon teaches you the volumizing tips and tricks for a messy hairdo.


Navratri is special, and so are you. Make your evenings elegant and classy with these beautiful hairstyles.

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