Exactly 79 days ago, everyone’s beloved Chester Bennington took his own life. To think someone who inspired an entire generation of people taking his life because his own thoughts had crippled him makes me shudder. It’s still hard to believe that after giving us a lifetime of teenage memories, Chester is no more there to sing for us and let us get through our own hard times. And the same happened when Robin Williams committed suicide back in 2014 at 63, driven by extreme depression. Everyone was shaken. But have you ever noticed something? We start talking about depression only when a famous person is affected by it, irrespective of the level. Why do we close our eyes at all other times?



Depression is Natural:

All of us get depressed at some points in our life because of various things. Depression is natural and normal, and you can’t ignore it. Depression isn’t something to be ashamed of, so if you’re feeling depressed, don’t be afraid of being judged.

Don’t break down in your depression

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Don’t Hole Up:

Like I already said, there’s nothing to be ashamed of if you’re going through a tough, depressing time. Don’t keep mum and torture yourself mentally. If anything, that will only make matters worse. Open up to someone. Talk about it. Talk about what’s bothering you. It may not go away all at once. But eventually, you’ll start feeling lighter.

Talk about your depression; it helps

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Don’t Overthink:

I’ve had my fair share of depressing moments. Trust me, these “moments” actually last for days, weeks and sometimes, months. It is excruciating, and the journey is grueling. You can’t concentrate on most things, and your focus is solely towards the thing that is bothering you. But the pain you give yourself isn’t worth your time. I know, it’s easier said than done. But don’t overthink. No person is superior to you, and you aren’t inferior to anyone either. Thoughts do come rushing in but don’t push yourself over the cliff.

The more you overthink, the more you stay stuck with your depression

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Now, for the ones who interact with the depressed.


A depressed person goes through a lot. Things that affect them might seem trivial to you. What they talk about might seem as useless blabbering to you. But the least you can do is listen. It won’t harm you. Your few minutes can mean a lot to someone who is going through depression. Don’t crib about it, saying that they shouldn’t depress you just because they’re depressed. You may not realize how much it matters to someone when you listen to their problems, but for them, it is worth a lot.


Understand and Help Them Out:

Ask them what is bothering them. Hear them out. Delivering the right help to a depressed person is crucial. The last thing you’d want is being unable to offer your hand to someone when someone needed it the most.


Help someone; it doesn’t take much effort

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Don’t Judge Suicidal Thoughts or Suicides:

A very common tendency of people suffering from depression is to have suicidal thoughts. While many people recover from this phase, there are still many others who succumb to it and give up. It’s often seen that people tend to judge a suicidal person. But a person gets suicidal thoughts only when he/she feels entirely abandoned, with no one to listen to what their words. To give up life, it takes a great deal of courage, something that we probably can never do. I’m not saying that it’s a good thing to give up one’s life. But if you weren’t there when a person needed your presence, probably judging them in their absence is not that cool.


I don’t quite understand why people don’t talk much about depression. It’s really important to discuss about it, both for the people going through it, as well as the ones who aren’t. The more people are made aware of it; the better are the results of helping someone out.

This beautiful Ted talk by Kevin Breel tells us why it is necessary for us to talk about depression.