Sapiosexual: A person who is attracted to the intelligence in others

I shouldn’t be defining this to you, given that it has become a pretty common word these days. But no, in case you’re mistaken, let me clear it out to you – not every English-speaking, grammar-correcting, rock-band listening, series-watching person is a Sapiosexual. There’s more to it than you know.
So let me take you to the world of a Sapiosexual.

“Intellect amuses me. It intrigues me. And that has got nothing to do with how well you’re academically. A profound and meaningful conversation gets every cell of my body interested. And that doesn’t indicate that I don’t like having fun. My interactions are mostly with people having deeper understanding and knowledge because conversations are wise and relatable- about books, places, thoughts and much more. But the moment I find it drifting to a lower level of conversation, my attention as well as interest goes down too. I tend not to talk much and pass it off as being lazy, which makes the other person label me “Boring”, but a fellow Sapiosexual might know that I’m observing the person before starting an actual conversation. I’m not pretentious, or haughty or rude. You might find me sarcastic most of the time, but that’s only because, over time, situations have molded me to adapt sarcasm. I am not an introvert. And I’m certainly not shy. But perhaps your definition of party differs from mine. But that doesn’t stop me from doing things that “normal” people do. I can stare at the stars and talk about miscellaneous things at 2 AM, with a Jack Daniels in my hand, and I can also dance like crazy in a pub. What matters is the company I have. On some days, you might find me sitting in a crowded place, all alone, with nothing but a book in my hand, looking here and there, observing the people around me. On other days, you might find me laughing my guts out, looking like a complete weirdo, with people who are just like me and belong to me. There might be a lot going on in my head about myself, or about anything else. But over time, I’ve learned how to mask things-because not everyone needs to know, and not everyone seems to understand. You might find “Sapiosexuality” just another swanky term to show off oneself. But you know what? It’s more than that. It’s inexplicable. It’s something which you can only feel. Being a Sapiosexual isn’t an easy task.”