How often do you get to hear this, “Be busy! Be studious! Be disciplined!”? Such words are frequently and generally hurled at idlers to get over their worthlessness and inefficiencies, but surprisingly, these sermons more often than not, multiply the intensity of idleness.

Like I always say, if you know me well enough, you also know that I belong to one of those idle clans, and I never found myself religiously adhering to a timetable. Of course no offense, but those who give themselves up to those hardcore routines, punctuality and hard work never seem happier than the lot who spend hours waiting for the fish to catch the bait or who gaze at the vastness of the starry sky, as if they’re solving the mysteries of the universe. Even those who spend their time profitably working hard cannot boast that their work has proved fruitful enough to point an accusing finger at idleness. Regularity and methodologies may turn you on, but then, our dear Mr. Idleness has a point of his own.

The repulsive facet of people actively involved in some work is their behavior. While a busy man simply gabbles and never tries to converse, an idle man is often found to possess a sweet and charming disposition towards people. One smells the sweat and feels the fret while talking to an active person, whereas, a person brought up in the milk of idleness gives out the fragrance of human warmth crisscrossed by gentle smiles and resonant laughter.

Probably, the worst of all qualities of people condemning idleness is their very look. Busy people are more or less, narcissistic. Cockeyed by his own superiority, the man whose time is fully occupied always looks down upon the poor idling mortals. Apart from looks, the busy man also makes faces either by wrinkling his nose, knitting his eyebrows, rolling his eyes or protruding his lips, all in a potential jeer, showing that he is far too important a man. Compare this picture with that of a man swathed in idleness. Relaxed facial muscles, gestures reminding of Bharatnatyam dancers, a soothing shower of soft and tender radiance. How beautiful the world would have been if people had been dallying in idleness!

Those running after the blood of the idle clan often ignore the fact that an idle man possesses a blessedness that a busy man lacks. It is only the idler who knows the message of a cool waft of breeze, the depths of the blue sky, the dream-enfranchized feet of the stars, the fatuous scholarliness and the inane sophistication that hide earthly truths of life in books, the distant temple bells and the choir singing in the church. A busy man might build houses and houses and pile up bank accounts, but he’ll never know the delight of the spirit. And yet again, it is idleness which enriches us with all those little blessings of life.

Ever thought of a man who is nurtured in idleness being a threat to the society? On the other hand, all who have wronged and harmed the society are very hard workers a la Satan. The threat of the modern world that each one of us might be killed time and again by the nuclear stock-pile of today could be attributed to the overbusy of the world.

If it were in my hands, I would have made the world’s motto “Be Idle!”.

Live your life, you’ve only got one.


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