“That’s the thing about Narcissus. It’s not that he’s so in love with himself, because he isn’t at all. He hates himself. It’s that, without that reflection looking back at him…he doesn’t exist.”

~Billy Chenowith, Six Feet Under


How obsessed are we with ourselves? The levels vary from person to person of course. But it’s the obsession that stays deep-rooted. No, I wouldn’t say I’m not obsessed with myself. We all are, some less, some more, but obsessed all the same.

Remember the Greek hunter Narcissus who was so much in love with himself that eventually, he died by the river in whose water he constantly kept staring at his own reflection? Well, that was in mythology. Nevertheless, you’ll be (un)happy to know that Narcissus is back. ‘Who’ you ask? All of us. As the 21st century is gradually rolling, it’s become the age of collective narcissism. Making it more precise, the majority of us are suffering from the Selfie Syndrome, the addiction of taking selfies, irrespective of time and place. Now, I’m not saying I’m against selfies. Hell, I have truckloads of selfies on my own phone. But, isn’t the situation getting a bit out of the boundaries? I’ve come across people who take selfies in temples and selfies with the dead bodies of their close people (!?!?). Not to mention, the rise in hunger for popularity and “likes”. Does it really matter in the long run? And then comes the particular category of people who want to show others how perfect they are. “I woke up like this” is basically 2 hours of hair and makeup, and the amount of time and dedication devoted to selfies is on an entirely different level. And the dire need to look flawless in the photos is so much, that people forget their natural self. Not to forget the number of deaths increasing each year due to the Selfie Syndrome, thanks to people taking selfies in dangerous places, just to show how brave and cool they can be.

Your memories of a certain place, of a particular time, hold more value and are more precious. Live life, because the treatment of the syndrome lies in yourself.


This video of Sebastian Maniscalco is something that we all need to see


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