Laughter in the air, kids running around, people chirping and chattering and in the midst of it all was this mother-daughter duo. The lady was probably 25 and the baby not more than 2 years old. While people came swarming into the fair with their friends and families, these two had each other for themselves, and even with all the odds and trials and tribulations that the lady seemed to face, the fact that she had her baby with her and she couldn’t be any more content was visible from her face. The little girl was lost in her own world, looking around, trying to understand people from the actual world. So when my friend bought this baby an ice-cream, she looked at her mother in sheer disbelief. Maybe it was her first ice-cream. Maybe no one else had offered her one before. 

Her mother, frail as she was, was selling plates, on the dirty and muddy ground of the fair. With all the hustle and bustle around, while her mother was trying to attract customers so that maybe she could afford that night’s dinner, all this baby wanted was her mother’s sole attention. She constantly kept fiddling with her mom just so that she would just get all the love and affection she deserved and desired. And every time her mother would chide her, she would break down into inconsolable sobs.

And then when she was given the ice-cream, after her brief moment of disbelief, she smiled. A smile straight from the heart. The innocence in her eyes and the warmth in her smile could easily melt anyone’s worries, tensions, fears, and anxieties. 

While she was busy relishing her ice-cream, at certain moments she would look up at her mother, smile gleefully, and then look up at us, and give another shy smile. The point in case is not bragging about the fact that I or my friends did something for this baby. The big, fat point is when did we end up being drastic robots? When did we stop finding joys in the little things of life? Our large group of ‘friends’ is basically for short-term fame on Facebook or Instagram. Our fun lies in hitting bars, pubs, lounges and theaters. When was the last time we opened up to someone, without being concerned about egos, prides, heartbreaks and trust issues? Maybe we were so eager to grow up that we killed the child in our minds.