Setting up an E-commerce business is a huge decision on your part if you’re planning to open your own business. There are a lot of factors involved that you need to keep in mind before you finally put your E-commerce business into action.

This is exactly where the E-commerce market stands today


  • Define Your Corner:

What are you planning to sell via your E-commerce business? Plan it out, rather than ending up in a hotch-potch. You can either start a business that sells everything from a safety pin to a washing machine, like Amazon, Snapdeal etc. Or you can put up a more concentrated business, say, sell only apparels, like Forever 21 or Stalk, Buy, Love.

  • Work Out a Plan:

Do you have a documented plan? A plan will help you know where to focus, what to work on, how to spend your money, how to reach people etc. If you don’t have a plan, then the E-commerce platform will turn scary for you as time unfolds.

  • Get a Low-Cost Funding:

That E-commerce websites are costly, is a big myth. Get a small starting fund for your business. That way, when you repay loans, you don’t need to spend much of your budget in settling the loans.

  • Build the Website:

You’ve figured out what to sell, you’ve penned down your plan and you’ve got your business funded. What’s the next important thing that you need to do? Build the website for your E-commerce business. This is very crucial because this is going to be your primary method of attracting customers. So do it carefully and do it right.

  • Drive Traffic to Your Site:

The traffic for your site is essential. It boosts your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Nevertheless, it is tricky and may backfire, if not handled properly.

  • Follow the Rules:

Though you’ve finally got everything ready-the plan, the traffic, etc. – do not forget to get the legal affiliation for your E-commerce business. Unless you do that, your business will not be able to make its presence in front of the audience.

If you’re totally confident about your E-commerce, you should plan it out in a way such not only are the customers at a profit, but you receive your benefits as well. And just so you know, the benefits you receive are not small.


No Geographical Limitation:

That’s the best thing about E-commerce. It is not limited to a particular store. Which means, your ‘shop’ is open all the time for customers, and that in turn, means people can buy from you anytime they want.

E-commerce is not restricted to just a few places


New Customers with SEO:

Along with branding and relationships, your E-commerce website also depends on the customer traffic. With a carefully handled SEO, the search engine results will navigate buyers to your site. More the traffic, more the sales.

This image shows how a better search engine result can boost the traffic to your website


Low Costs:

Setting up an E-commerce business lowers unnecessary costs that you might have paid as a conventional retailer. You neither have to pay high charges for real estate nor do you have to keep adding employees for every tiny detail related to your business, which cancels the cost of salary for them. And these cost reductions can be presented to customers as discounts.

E-commerce can be easy, or tricky, based on how you handle, promote and stylise it. Better the promotion, more the customers. And if you’re new in the business, then it is extremely crucial for you to craft your business in a way that the clients will trust you.


SEO Strategy:

As discussed above, a high SEO plan will get huge customer traffic to your website.

Better SEO gives better traffic

(Indus Web Pro)


You can start a blog about your E-commerce website, describing the different products you sell and the offers and benefits you provide. But then, along with your website, your blog needs a better SEO too for people to come across it. That way, you’ll have to handle both the things simultaneously.

Paid Advertising:

This is an excellent way of promotion, especially for new websites, although you need to spare some money for this. With a carefully maintained conversion rate, you can get great returns with paid advertising.

Pay per click advertising allows you to pay every time someone clicks a link directly to your site

(Deposit Photos )

Product Reviewing:

Get in touch with bloggers who review products. Explain about your business and products and ask them to write reviews. Customers surely are interested in buying from somewhere which is verified by an experienced and expert person.

As much as 18% of the sales can increase by getting your products reviewed

(Witty Sparks)


Free Samples:

Many E-commerce websites avoid this. But this is a rather good experiment for promoting your business. Customers will believe in you if they use your product. So give away some free samples and ask for feedback. If the products are great, there will be better feedback about you and also a faster word of mouth.


Social Video Marketing:

As they say, “The best one for the last.” Social video marketing is a potent tool that can instantly increase your business, sales and customer traffic. With the majority of the world using social media websites at this time, there is nothing better than promoting your E-commerce website on social media via video marketing. It’s convenient and cheaper than you can imagine.

This video, based on Amazon, shows how you can strategically increase your sales.


Now that you know that social video marketing is a handy tool let’s check out how your E-commerce website can benefit from it.


  • More Traffic Conversion:

You know exactly how important it is to have a considerably good traffic for your website. More customer traffic means more visitors to your website and this is an assurance of boosted sales. Explainer videos, wherein you discuss your business and demonstrate and promote your videos tend to interest people and help them buy from your website. With a lot of individuals using social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter, traffic conversion via video marketing is a growing rage.

Videos impact a customer’s mind better and drive him/her to your website

(Presta Shop)

74% traffic conversion to your website is a very big deal

(50 Wheel)

This video presents all the required stats you need to know about video marketing for your business.


  • Customers Stay Longer:

When you post a marketing video on your social networking page, which also links to your website, people will watch the video till the end. People spend more time on a website which has videos in it than on one which comprises of solely texts and images because videos are spontaneous and lively. Video marketing drives customers to your E-commerce website, so the more time they spend on your website, the more they understand about your business, the products you offer, the benefits you provide and the services included. With people spending more time on your website, they will naturally spread the word about it, in turn, bringing in more customers.

Your marketing video can influence a lot of people, who in turn will increase your sales

(YouTube )


As many as 52% of the buyers stay for a longer time on an E-commerce website which employs video marketing, as shown in this video which explains the power of social video marketing for E-commerce.


  • Sharable Content:

A good marketing video that promotes your brand and your products is shared more, as compared to other media contents, such as pictures and GIFs. When a user shares your video, it is seen by his/her friends, who check it out to know more about your brand and hence, try out your products.

1200% more share easily boosts up your sale



This interesting video tells the secret behind including a shareable content.


  • Lesser Bounce Rate:

It takes only a few seconds for a customer to decide whether or not he/she should spend more time on the website or not. If your website doesn’t interest them, they will skip it, hence, increasing the bounce rate. However, statistically, websites which employ video marketing strategy and put up their marketing videos on social media tend to have a lower bounce rate. This increases the traffic to your E-commerce website, and the sales go high.

This bounce rate equation will help you in managing your content

(Business 2 Community )


This video gives a detailed explanation about bounce rate and how to improve it.


  • More Attention:

A section of video marketing involves video newsletters. Via such newsletters, you can reach out faster to your customers, and they can connect better with you. It is a huge hit among customers, and they trust you. Also, you stand out from among your competitors.

This video gives you a tutorial on how to create a video newsletter.


  • Suitable for M-commerce:

If your E-commerce website is mobile friendly, then that part of the sales which is accounted via smartphones and tablets is referred to as M-commerce. Most people use smartphones and tablets these days, mostly millennials, i.e., people aged between 18 and 35. With a mobile-friendly website, as much as 17% of the sale is through M-commerce. A quick and informative video about the products and your company will help mobile consumers to make instant buying decisions. Many people log into their social networking pages via their phones. So if you post an enticing marketing video on your social media page, you are sure to get many viewers, who end up buying your products.

Mobile marketing has a great importance in the E-commerce business

(Internet Retailer)


This video shows how M-commerce is on the rise.



So with the E-commerce market making an impact on consumers in full swing, make the best utilisations of social video marketing for a better customer count.


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