For those of you who don’t know, Google Trends is a public tool by Google (duh🙄) that lets you check the trending topics and also tells you the total number of times a particular search term has been browsed on the Internet. Launched in 2006, Google Trends also allows you to compare the search volumes of two or more terms. While initially, Trends was a much-neglected platform by Google, today it has become an absolutely useful service with tonnes of data to provide. So let’s dig into it.



Why Should You Use Google Trends?


Keyword Research:

Whatever you might be trying to promote digitally, be it your business, be it a blog, be it an ecommerce store or even your Instagram post, the content in everything is made from keywords. Keywords are important because those are the words which users type in when browsing on the Internet. With Google Trends, you can check and research on how well your current keywords are doing. Since Internet search terms keep changing dynamically, keywords need to change as well. The better your keywords, the more the traffic to your website.



Business Improvement:

Google Trends is not just another keyword planning tool. While you can still attain a lot of profit from just working on your keywords with help from this tool, Trends is also beneficial for your business decisions. With this, you can compare if your area of business has been on a significant search level and based on the data you get, you can decide and work on future goals for your company.




Google Trends not just helps you to see how well your business area is doing, it also helps you out in checking if any related area of your business can do equally well. So always be open to trying out new things to see how they work out.


Content Research:

Like I already said, Google Trends is a very useful tool when it comes to looking for keywords. So, naturally, it also helps you in working with your content. You can research on the latest trends and topics, be it worldwide or on a regional level and create your content. That is why Trends is one of the favorite tools for bloggers and journalists.



Now that you know why Google Trends is a brilliant tool for your business or your website let’s talk about how you can use it in a perfectly optimized way.


How to Use Google Trends Perfectly?


Play with Keywords:

Like you already know, keywords help a lot in driving traffic to your website. After choosing your set of keywords with the help of Google AdWords Keyword Planner, and refining your search terms using Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools, you can head over to Google Trends to see whether your set of keywords are trending or have the potential to set a trend or if people search anything related to your search terms. If not, you can always find new keywords right on Google Trends.



Website Check:

Keywords are all over the Internet, and of course, on your website as well. So ensure that you do a regular keyword check-up for your website. See which keywords are out-dated, which keywords are doing great and also research on possible trending future topics and keywords related to them


Use Trends for New Topics:

Google Trends is an excellent tool for anyone who is into content marketing or journalism. But that doesn’t confine the use to only those fields. Today, everyone with a website or an Internet presence needs content. Google Trends is what unblocks the clog when you are unsure of what topics to write or research on. Use it to the best possible extent to know about current trends, hot topics and issues and also use the data to write about them.



Schedule Your Content:

There are times when planning to write on topics throughout the year can get tough. Sometimes you might get writer’s block. And sometimes you run out of topics. When you don’t get a trending topic to write about, you can use Trends to check what topics are most searched for during certain periods of the year, Halloween in and around October, for instance.



Check Live Trending Topics:

Google Trends offers real-time data, down to the latest minute. That means you can see live which topics are grabbing mass attention and becoming “Trending” in just a matter of minutes. Live trending topics can be tracked by the rise in search terms. This is an excellent opportunity to slide in your marketing strategy, posting content relevant to the trending search term, thus efficiently making people aware of your brand.



Look for Niche Directories:

Niche directories are web forums or web directories that house particular industries or subjects. They are specific to a certain set of keywords or search terms and are often regional. Using Google Trends, you can find these directories, and once done, you can proceed to research on the prominent or the most searched for topics in these directories which can be relevant for you. That way, when you submit your content in such niche directories, your work or your brand can reach a more concentrated set of people related to your field of work.


Know Your Brand Health:

If you own a brand, Google Trends is just the tool that you need to use to know your brand popularity. Each brand belongs to a particular category, like health or fashion or technology or anything else, for that matter. Using the very precise search measurer that Trends provides, you can not only check how well your business category is doing; you can also compare your brand to your competitors’ brands.

There are gazillion ways in which you can use Google Trends to know more about new trends and topics and use the data, whether for your business or your regular content or any such thing. Trends being a free service is one of the main reasons why it is so popular and sought after by people. If you want to know more about how to use Google Trends, you can check out this amazing video.